Cathy & GlynOn 29 September 2007, in a little village outside Bristol, UK, Cathy and Glyn Riley woke up very early, ate very little for breakfast, dressed very, very warmly, climbed onto their matching BMW 650 Dakars, and started their epic ride – to Cape Town. As Glyn might say, “Come, Titus, bring thy friend hither and we shall depart to Peninsula in a series of triumphs!” (Perhaps they should be riding Triumphs!)

On this site you’ll be able to view their chosen route and keep track of their progress, have a look at some of the photographs they’re taking along the way and read all about their crazy adventure. There’s also a link for you to show your support by making a donation to their chosen charity, Riders for Health – they’re hoping to raise £3000 for this fantastic cause. Finally, the site is intended to be as interactive as possible, so you’ll also be able post comments and send messages to them whilst they’re away!