The start of the journey

The big day finally arrived! We set about doing all those last minute things which always take longer than you expect. Plus, Glyn was interviewed by Radio Bristol at 7:15; and a pretty good interview it was too! He even managed to plug our charitable cause, and got a laugh or two out of the DJ, which is always a good sign.

As far as the riding goes, it was much as you’d expect for a slightly Taking the Eurotunneldrizzly day. Most of the morning was spent looking forward to the warmth and dryness of a coffee shop or the Eurotunnel. The latter was exactly as expected, and ran like clockwork.

We are now camping a few miles south of Calais, in a municipal campsite in the village of Arques. Very conscious of the luxury afforded by the proximity of local shops and our lush green pitch (with such soft soil the tent pegs just glide in). Took advantage of local produce for an easy dinner, gobbling down Neuf Chatel cheese with terrine and tomatoes, washed down with orange juice and a nice cup of tea. Ah, the good life!