The joys and tribulations of internet access…

Right – so by now you will have gathered that we’ve made it to Cairo and here, as expected, have managed to get access to the internet that I have so craved ever since we set off! Glyn has more than once accused me of being a technofreak. And I guess he has a point. I am a bit addicted. Even now, as we find ourselves in need of a BMW motorcycle dealer (of which there are none in Cairo, or so he tells me), my instinct is to search google. Not easy when you’re stuckĀ in the Libyan town of Ajdabiya and no-one speaks any English, it’s Ramadan (so everything’s closed) and your guide’s in a hurry to leave because he wants to deposit you at the border so he can return to his family for Eid!

The hawkeyed among you will notice that I’ve updated the Carthage entry to actually say something about it! Sorry – I just ran out of time in Tripoli – Glyn hauled me away from the cafe at 10:30 that evening, spitting fury because I was late and he’d had to get back into his horribly sticky, sweaty togs to come and find me! He was, of course, worried – but it translated into frustration which is understandable, and an emotion I felt more than once at the cafe where the keyboard and screen all operated in arabic format – i.e. backwards! Locating the clock on the bottom of the screen was an achievement! Now, in the makeshift office which is giving me access to t’internet, I’m being plagued by mosquitoes. So much so that Glyn has abandoned me to the tent (they munch him a lot more!). The trials and tribulations I will go through to bring the outside world news of our mission!

Seriously though, I’d like to thank everyone who’s posted comments and/or sent us emails of support and encouragement. When you’re out on a long, straight road that shimmers with heat for 6 hours a day, you do sometimes wonder if the rest of the world would even notice you’d gone if you melted away! So it’s great to know you’re all there and rooting for us! Now we just have to make sure we can continue, by finding a motorcycle mechanic who can fix Glyn’s rear wheelbearing problem; and change our tyres for us (carried all the way from Bristol!). I also need to develop a better ability to ride in sand, as Sudan is full of it and I have already fallen over 3 times just whilst pulling off into sandy stretches in Libya! The final time was a bit painful, as I twisted my ankle and got a few bruises on arms and hips (not sure how, so don’t ask!). Glyn’s keeping count – and I keep telling him he’ll lose count by the time we’re through Sudan.