A fitting end – sipping champagne where two oceans meet

Riding to Cape PointArrival in Cape TownWe’ve made it! At five o’clock on 30th December 2007, we pulled up at our final destination, the Cape of Good Hope. Located within Cape Town’s fabulous Cape Point Nature Reserve, it is the most south westerly tip of the continent we’ve spent three months traversing. What a fantastic way to round off what has been a most amazing trip! We were greeted with loud shouts and much hand-waving by friends of ours who had come well-equipped with celebratory bottles of champagne (of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties). Surprised tourists milled around, wondering what was going on, until someone explained. A few wanted their photo taken with us, which made us feel like mini-celebrities, as did the paparazzi of cameras which clicked away as we parked our bikes up next to the sign marking our final end point. As we stood there, sipping the bubbly and smiling broadly at everyone, it slowly started to sink in. It was finished. seo analysis of website No more worries about road conditions, bike failures or punctures. No more wondering where we’d be sleeping that night, or when the next shower would be. It was over! We had done what we’d set out to achieve. That little tip at the end of Africa to which we’d departed every day was right here, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. What a wonderful feeling.

7 thoughts on “A fitting end – sipping champagne where two oceans meet”

  1. A special trip
    Congratulations on your dream.
    Love from all at Wells Market!
    (Coffee free on Return)

  2. Congratulations Cathy and Glyn! Sounds like an epic moment. What are you going to do with the bikes…ship them back?

  3. Yip, we’re shippng them back. It’s been a saga, which I might just add to this blog, but they’re leaving this week, hopefully!

  4. Ah, already feels like so long ago — that was a great day, seeing you guys round the last bend at Cape Point.

  5. Well done Cathy and Glyn. When the travel itch strikes again, be sure to start in Cape Town this time and overnight in Swaziland, where your support for community tourism has borne fruit.

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