Arrival in Egoli

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we were a bit lax with updates from Namibia and Botswana, but that we’ve now rectified this situation with 3 new posts about our travels. You may also notice that we appear to have made rapid progress from Zambia. You would be right. Indeed, we have made it through to Egoli, the City of Gold, otherwise known to the rest of the world as Johannesburg, just in time to see Glyn’s dad on his birthday and wish him a good one. There’s another post yet to be written about the leg which brought us here, but for now we would just like everyone to know that we’ve made it to here and will probably now take a few days out before doing any more in the way of online communications. However, for those interested in contacting us, we will keep an eye on the site and emails, especially since we’re waiting on messages from shipping companies regarding taking the bikes back to the UK. We do also now have an SA cellphone, and are contactable by that means if you email us for the number. Will revise and revamp this post soon. Until then, happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Arrival in Egoli”

  1. Yes, missed you guys relieved you are OK
    I’ll update the notice board, remember where we said your blogs would be shared in Chew Magna? Another great read and you’re well on the way. Love from many and me

  2. Your story has been very well written and very well ridden – I would love to buy you both a 5 star dinner when you get back to Chew – in exchange for a few stories! maybe we can arrange a supporters club evening!!

    Have a very civilized and happy Christmas.

    best regards

    John Hill

  3. HI Cathy & Glynn
    Well done on getting this far and still being alive.
    Have a fantasic Christmas. See you in 2008.

    Sue & Frank

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