Funny signs

Along the way, we’ve seen some funny signs, not all of which we’ve managed to photograph. We’ve mentioned some already. Here’re a few more:

  • A tour company name: One way tours

  • Welcome to Luxor. Say no to drugs, unless they’re very good ones

  • Intensive Suit Therapy (never did establish what, exactly, this might involve, but put us both in mind of a peculiar psychotherapy involving repeated exposure to men in pinstripe suits!)

  • Asda PriceAnd my favourite so far, seen in a souk in Luxor: ‘Asda price!’

Seen in Khartoum, a lovely blue and white sign: ‘Police Guest House’ – we both laughed.

  • Bank names: Amen Bank, Awash International Bank

  • Tossa Tours and Car RentTossa Tours - classic! – ’nuff said!

One thought on “Funny signs”

  1. Hope things are going well – met you in Wells – last night I watched series 1 of Ewan & Charlie start their new adventure – Scotland to Cape Town – very close to your route except they have £000000000000000000 to spend – tens of escorts, including a doctor! in 4x4s and local guides – good job you did not see it — you never would have started ! but thats HOLLYWOOD!

    keep biking

    John Hill

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