Desert camping in Libya

Sunrise in the Libyan Desert, near AjdabiyaThe last 4 days we have been motoring our way at top speed through Libya, camping at night on the side of the road. It has been a very priviledged experience. The scenery, though desert, has been beautiful; and at night the stars are just fantastic. Each evening we would pull of the main tarmac and make our way a little (or a lot) off to the side; where we’d set up camp – us with our little (loaned) tent, and our guide (Abdallah) with his mat, mattress, and blanket. His was definitely the easier option, but then he did have a double cab ‘bakkie’ (pick-up truck to anyone who doesn’t understand South African lingo) to carry it all in! He was very sweet, and we would share meals together in the evening. He introduced us to the delights of fresh dates drunk with Laban (a kind of yoghurty drink); and we cooked our bog-standard rice or pasta dishes and shared these with him. All in all, a wonderful, but short, foray into the delights that are desert camping in Libya.

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