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Photos on the trip: 
Glyn at Sabratha  Sunrise in the Libyan Desert, near AjdabiyaDesert riding in Sudan, south of Wadi HalfaThe Valley of a Thousand KingsLuxor TempleThe lady with the lovely smile at a little roadside stallThe Malek - Kitchener’s rescue ship, now beached at the Blue Nile Sailing ClubThe nice priest at LalibelaOne of many castles in GondarSunset on Lake AwasaThe muddy road to MarsabitNgorongoro Crater (the view to the right of the first viewpoint)Elephant at waterhole Lake Malawi activitiesGlyn riding the sandy road of Ngepi Camp in Namibia The loos at Ngepi Camp are all done in amazing style!The Okavango River 

For a wider selection of photos, and some more commentary on what the photos are all about, as well as your chance to comment on them, please visit Cathy’s facebook photo album for the trip at:

Packing to go…
Tyres and travel bags waiting patiently in the hallwayTwo piles of clothes - his (small) and hers (large)!
Food, cooking equipment and spares

Practicing off-roading in the UK’s greenlanes…

Cathy puddle bashing Glyn splash

Visiting the Wallop Primary School and their fund-raising helmet…
Boys like bikesShoutThe Wallop Primary School Money Helmet

Fund-raising at Wells

BMW off-road school
Cathy & GlynBack to school with BMWGlyn gets stuck in! Back to school with BMW 
We have also loaded a few other albums onto Facebook, where it’s actually a lot easier to upload pics. Here are some of the relevant links:
Goodbyes to friends and family 
Learning a lot at the BMW off-road school

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