Sabratha and musings on crazy drivers

After spending the better part of the morning today getting across the Tunisian-Libyan border, we finally met with our guide, Abdullah, who took us straight off to change money and fill up with petrol (a tankful costing one Libyan dinar, the equivalent of about 1 US dollar!). Then it was off, at breakneck speed, on wobbly roads (tarmac had melted in places). I thought Italian and Tunisian drivers were crazy, Cathy at Sabrathabut so far Libyans take the cake. They are, however, very polite, pulling over for Glyn at Sabrathayou if they realise they are too slow. But they’re also incredibly aggressive – when the road ahead is clear, 50 cars pull out at once to overtake a lorry that’s in the way!! We’ve had more than one close encounter already, and it’s making me incredibly grateful that we’re on bikes, not in massive four-by-fours!

Anyway, we made it to Sabratha in one piece, and had a lovely time wandering around this ancient ruin. It’s a fantastic place – the remains of an old theatre and port (plus the obligatory baths and houses).You can see the largest of the buildings, with grand marble pillars 3 stories up, as you approach the site. Very awe inspiring. Walking around, you can just imagine what it was like when the Romans were there. It’s rather peculiar though, as one can clamber around on almost anything, which I’m sure shouldn’t be allowed.

5 thoughts on “Sabratha and musings on crazy drivers”

  1. Hi you two wanderers – I can’t beleive I know such exciting explorers. Its fantastic to share a little in your trip through your website. Love and God speed to you both. xxx

  2. Hiya All! Thanks for the messages. Nice to know there’s someone out there listening! We’ve uploaded a few more pics now too (check out the photo library page for a link to the more easily uploadable Facebook site!)

  3. Glad you are OK. Have managed to print off a copy of your diary for Dad. He got your postcard. Thank you. Good luck!

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