Fundraising at Wells Market

Today saw us repeat an earlier visit (on 11th August) to the wonderful market which takes place every Saturday in the shadow of the great cathedral in Wells, a lovely town-sized place which by virtue of this building is technically a city, and the smallest one in the UK from what we understand!

Stall at Wells marketAnyway, we were there to publicise our trip and thereby raise money for Riders for Health. The response we got was great. People are genuinely interested in what we’re planning to do, and they also have the most amazing stories themselves. So far, we’ve met people who have: worked in the merchant navy on Lake Malawi, done the Plymouth to Banjul rally (old bangers get driven down to the Gambia from the UK), camped in Saudi’s deserts (lots of common ground with Glyn here), and been evacuated from Libya. Stories about other people’s adventures also abound – both those we’ve heard of before and those we haven’t. domain expiring It’s been a fantastic way to spend a Saturday, and we hope to do it again when we come back – especially since we’ve only managed to raise a tip of the iceberg for Riders!

We’d like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with us. We’ve been warmly surprised by the generosity of people we don’t even know, and are especially greatful to all those who said they would support us and who then followed up on their promises! We know your money is going to a good cause.

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